Business & Branding

Creating a strong brand is not just about a logo. It is as much a question of a sharp business idea, a well worked out strategy as well as a coherent visual identity. 

KajsaKajsa leads companies through the process of sharpening their strategies and developing a visual language to support them. 

By caring for every little detail, without compromise, KajsaKajsa help companies build a strong and vital brand that will stand out in the crowd. 

A consistent platform is the basis for a growing business and increased sales.

About Kajsa

KajsaKajsa, or Kajsa Jeppson, has a long experience in business developement, marketing, branding and sales. She started out in publicity as a creative herself, but after a few years she ended up on the buyers side of business.

She has worked on several grand projects developing business strategies and brand identities in private companies and in public service.

Her field of working is international and after having studied in England and lived for nearly a decade in Spain, she is fluent in English, Spanish as well as her mother tongue.